Take a Look At The Project


    It is a project established to create a compassionate classroom environment by cultivating the seeds of compassion in our classrooms under the leadership of the basic principles of nonviolent communication. We aim to develop the language of compassion in children and to enrich their relationships in the classroom, school, and life through various activities by blending the CI process with the learning processes. 


    *To make students realize their mistakes in their daily communication language,

    * Developing skills to see, identify and prevent obstacles in daily communication,

    *To develop the ability to use the 4 basic stages of nonviolent communication in daily communication,

    *Reducing peer bullying thanks to the SI technique,

    *Students' development in connection with themselves and their environment from a young age,

    *To increase learning efficiency thanks to the peaceful environment in the classroom,

    *To create a peaceful climate that is reflected in the school.


    October - November 2021: Student and teacher promotional activities

    December 2021: Studies on understanding the 4 key components of nonviolent communication

    January- February 2022: Studies to explore and improve relationships in the classroom

    March 2022: Classroom and school-wide studies on understanding and reducing peer bullying

    May 2022: Introducing common products and making informative seminars and presentations

    June 2022: Revealing project products


    *Creating a Peaceful Classroom Climate together,

    *Peaceful Solutions to Peer Bullying, Turning conflicts into learning opportunities and learning to use power together,

    *Creating Original and Sustainable Mechanisms in the Classroom/School

    *To make improvements in children's relationships by staying in touch with their own needs and feelings,

    *Creating a mini-booklet on the implementation of SI in classrooms,

    *Preparing informative documents for families in order to move the SI to their homes,

    *To make lectures with seminars, presentations, etc. in order to spread SI throughout the school.