The experience started with a pedagogical project which aimed at creating links on 2 subjects between English and Risk prevention in Health and Environment.

    I decided to expand this project scale by collaborating with European partners in the eTwinning program. To optimize our collaboration, we have been creating a mutual relationship  with  different partners from  Turkey  in order to develop and promote cultural diversity in the fields of  the professional world and daily life with its traditions and its culture.
    This project will enable our students to enhance  their knowledge about Europe , to have great cohesion with European partners, as well as to endorse European values such as tolerance , mutual understanding, promotion of peace, respect and human rights.So, the notion of citizenship will be dealt throughout this project Our students will become future citizens and my mission is to make them think about it .

    Thanks to our exchanges, students are going to be encouraged to introduce themselves,to deal with their interests ,their country and their future job.

    They will improve their language proficiency as well as their digital skills .

    In the classroom, they will learn to collaborate in working on some assigned tasks with new foreign students.

    Furthermore, they will take responsibility, they will gain  autonomy  and increase confidence in using the English language as a future lorry driver.

    This project will be led with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm from all of us! 

  • Our collaborative works (This part is just a sample of the differents tasks students achieved )

    Collaboartive work on different topics

    Chatroom about sports

    Our collaborative work


    Online meeting with teachers
    Turkish partners working on collaborative wook
    Mindmap about how to sty safe online
    Our different schools
    The students' presentation
    Poster about citizenship
    Some examples of French posters
    Our padlet to work on the students' common points (their favourite objects and favourite places at school)
    Culture and Traditions
    Women's day
    Our vocational training
    Google form about the notion of Citizenship with a video
    Video about the objectives of the project
    Where do we come from?
    Word clouds about Citizenship
    Logos of each school about citizenship
    Tricider to express points of views about Citizenship
    Students' feelings about the Project
    Google form about the final project
    Our favourite topic or event in the project
    Our wishes in 2022 to our partners for New Year
    Our 7 partners in Turkey