3 R's


The world confronts a host of natural phenomena that demands attention.The effects of global warming,natural disasters and climate change are of high concerns both for the environment and human life.We had better make efforts for contributive steps to prevent them. With the help of 3 R’s Project the positive steps to create awareness will be taken not only local but also global.Reduce,Reuse,Recycle will be our leading motto to prevent the degradation of the earth and to cope with deforestation and pollution that threaten survival. We as teachers and learners think that healing the planet starts in schools. We are going to prepare certain activities to create awareness about protecting the nature: Preparing materials Web2,planting flowers and trees, cleaning the environment, getting recycle bins,canvassing around the city,preparing word games,dictionary with pictures,sharing presentations, shooting videos,communicating with foreigners and arranging a musicnight for the sake of nature.

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