Long Tail: Increasing Accessibility of International Professional Development for Language Teachers


Although e-learning offers access and flexibility, digital education is effective if it is engaging, learner-centred and participatory. Pandemic showed the need for learner-centred digital teaching. Experts collaborating with course providers: Euneos, Finland, Deutsche Auslandsgesellschaft e. V, Germany and STEP, Slovenia developed a Long Tail E+ project with main focus on digital transformation in teaching languages for schools that do not participate in E+ programme due to: lack of capacities, specific curricula, health problems etc. The parallel eTw group will be a communication channel for free online events: trainings, conferences, materials etc. After the events, FL teachers will put their comprehension into action on eTw space: embedding the newly gained methods into their work and empowering students to practically use the variety of digital tools and activities collaboratively working with their European peers. The main idea is to simply put all the theory in practice!

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