Guess my story!

Students read a story, divide it in 10 scenes and then draw them. and send them to the partner school. Students of the partner school have to look at the drawings, guess the story and then write it. Then they will receive the original story and will compare the 2 stories to find similarities and differences.

Project Journal

  • Finally the greek students sent their interpretation of the stories italian drew. They guessed many points of the story. Great! A good job!
    - Posted by Ester Campodonico, 26.06.2017

  • The students started working on the third story since winter. Generally, trying to illustrate a story using software applications was a new experience for them. During the school year they showed great interest in the project to guess the story sent from the Italian school and to illustrate their own as well. The lessons had been more enjoyable and students were able to work on their stories and improve their knowledge and practical skills through ICT curriculum integration.
    - Posted by Athanassios Tikas, 03.06.2017

  • I first introduced to my students some simple software applications related to image processing and then we decided to work through the Windows Paint application. This application is simple and easy and helps students work collaboratively while being suitable for beginners. Having studied the story assigned to them, each group undertook the painting depiction of a particular section of each story. Working both at home and at school during the lessons of Computer Science, greek students managed to give their story virtually.
    - Posted by Anastasia Bartzi, 22.05.2017

  • We have uploaded our second story. It is a story that the students started working just before Christmas. The students first read the story and then they drew what they thought was significant for the story. Then they were divided in groups and started drawing but this time in their computer. Finally, they watched a small movie which has the same title as the book. We hope you will enjoy our pictures and this Christmas story.

    - Posted by Τζούλια Στάμου, 19.05.2017

  • Italian students are waiting now for the greek interpretation of their story...
    - Posted by Ester Campodonico, 16.02.2017