The French coats-of-arms

  • Our coat-of-arms designs

    Team 1

    We made a coat of arms where we drew the flags of France (in the middle), Croatia ( on the right) and Turkey (on the left). We put a dove above the coat of arms to symbolize peace between the three countries, we drew a hedgehog which means courage and endurance and around the coat of arms we put yellow to symbolize intelligence, prestige,virtue, greatness.

    We chose to represent the flags of Turkey, France, and Croatia because they are the three countries of the project.

    Team 2

    At the top you can see a boar. It signifies courage.
    Top right there is gold, it symbolizes intelligence.
    At the bottom left, there is purple, it depicts power.
    In the center, there is a flag of France.
    Around the shield, there is red, it signifies courage, dedication.

    Team 3

    We chose to put the shield in silver because it signifies clarity and wisdom we put a line in the shields because that’s how the silver color translates .
    We chose to put an eagle at the top because it is the national symbol of Turkey. We put a rooster because it is the national symbol of France. We put a goat because it is the national symbol of Croatia.
    We chose to put gules (red) on the eagle because it represents courage and perseverance we put azure (blue) on the rooster because it represents beauty and fidelity we put gold on the goat because it represents intelligence, prestige, virtue and greatness.
    We put a lotus because it represents perfect beauty and we put it in purple because it represents power and sovereignty.
    We put the motto of the three countries right next to each animal.

    Team 4

    The background is red because it symbolizes courage.
    On the top left there is a lion because it symbolizes strength.
    We have chosen another background color: green which symbolizes freedom and health.
    Top right, there is a dragon because it symbolizes immortality.
    We chose the blue background because it symbolizes beauty and loyalty.
    On the blue background there are the letters CFT which represent the first letters from Croatia France and Turkey. They are the three countries of the project.

    Team 5

    In the center we can see a shield , on the shield we can see a white crescent and a star, white and red squares on the right and we can see a blue background on the left.
    I chose blue because it represents France. I chose red and white because they represent perseverance and wisdom and are on the flags of the three countries.
    At the top we can see the head of a grey wolf, I chose it because it symbolizes Turkey. On the right and left we can see red and blue roosters. I chose them because they symbolize France and at the bottom we can see a yellow goat with red horns, I chose it because it is the emblem of Croatia.

    At the top of the goat we can see a motto displayed on a scroll. The motto is Intelligence-Perseverance-Wisdom.

    Team 6

    Our of coat of arms has five colors:
    -Black, which signifies modesty;
    -Gold, which represents intelligence, virtue and greatness;
    -Red, which depicts courage and dedication;
    -Green, which signifies liberty, health and hope;
    -And finally, Silver, which symbolizes clarity and wisdom.
    We chose these colors because they are important in a project. We believe that all projects must be done with dedication, and hard work. We will work together, and intelligently, because we want the final version of the project to be the best. We will not give up, because we don’t start a project just to give up on it later. Our motto is: “Mistakes lead to success”, and it is written on a white scroll, below our coat of arms. We chose this motto because mistakes are a part of success, and we learn from mistakes. Making mistakes allows us to know what is wrong and to correct it.

    Team 7

    Our coat-of-arms represent three countries. At the top, on the left, there is a rooster which represents the French people. The rooster is the national animal of France. At the top, in the center, there is a wolf, the wolf represents the Turkish people, the wolf is the national animal of Turkey. At the top, on the right, there is a goat, the goat is the national animal of Croatia. In the coat of arms, at the bottom, there is the flag of Croatia, in the middle the flag of Turkey and at the top the flag of France.

    Team 8

    In the middle of our coat-of-arms we can see a yellow triangle. Around the triangle, it's red. At the top, on the left and on the right, there are two doors. On the sides, there are two snakes. We chose red because it represents courage and yellow represents intelligence. Our motto (intelligence, courage, agility) is displayed on the snakes.

    Team 9

    Our coat-of-arms is orange with a red strip . Orange symbolizes joy and optimism, red symbolizes courage and dedication. There are two animals : a duck and a whale, the duck represents a journey and the whale represent collective work. The whale is blue which represents beauty and loyalty, the duck is gold, it represents intelligence and prestige. At the top there is a flag of Croatia and a flag of Turkey. At the bottom there is a flag of France.

    Team 10

    My coat of arms is a combination of the flags of France, Croatia and Turkey. We can see at the top the French rooster whose colors are the colors of the French flag. At the top of the shield, I chose to put Turkey, my own country. The white of the moon means clarity and wisdom. Finally, at the bottom, there is the flag of Croatia. I thought I would finish with the wolf, it is grey, the color of courage and loyalty. The coat of arms represents the peace between the 3 countries.

    Team 11

    We have chosen to represent France,Croatia and Turkey because they are the countries of the project .
    We have chosen to put the flag of France in big because we are French. The 3 flags have the same colors : blue, white and red .
    These colors represent beauty and fidelity for the color blue, wisdom for the white color and courage and perseverance for the color red.
    We have added some elements. We have chosen the wolf for courage and loyalty. We have chosen a Fleur-de-Lys because it’s reserved for the kings. We have chosen the snake for caution.
    We have chosen an eye to represent a person because we are people who participate in the project.

    Team 12

    Our coat of arms is black, in the middle we can see a red strip, in the center we can see the letters J and M.
    We decided to put the color black because it represents modesty and the color red which represents courage then we put JM which represents our school: Jean Moulin school. It has courage and modesty.

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