Quejío: a flamenco prject for kids.


The purpose of this project is to bring students closer to the world of flamenco starting from theory, from knowing its origin and history, characteristics, culture and festivals, but also giving great importance to practice, since the students will start singing and dancing, in addition to hand clapping with different rhythms. They will also become artisans as they will build their own cardboard guitar and castanets. Another important aspect that we will work on, will be inclusive flamenco, how flamenco brings benefits to people with disabilities, but also the opposite, because disabled people with their peculiar way of doing flamenco bring a great emotional richness. It is important to be clear that there are so many forms to practice art as people. Flamenco does not understand barriers, limits, ages or races. It is an universal art, open to all who want to enjoy it from any place.

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