The project was launched on each partner country via the letter, with some clues to quess all project partner countries:


    Dear students,


    are you ready to embark on an amazing trip across Europe?

    Here is your boarding pass.


    Unfortunately, there was a technical problem and the destinations are missing….

    To find out the countries you’re going to discover, solve the puzzles below and follow the instructions. 


    Use the following clues to guess the 4 destinations. Don’t forget that one of them is your own country.


    Clue 1

    The 4 countries are EU members. Two countries share a common border.


    Clue 2

    About the flags of the 4 countries:

    only one has green , and only one has yellow but there is blue in three flags out of four.

    The flag with green is made of three vertical stripes.


    Clue 3

    About the countries’ names:

    one has 5 letters, two have 6 letters and one has 8 letters.


    Clue 4

    About the capital cities: 

    The initial of the capital city of the country with 8 letters is B

    The initial of the capital city of one of the countries with 6 letters is P


    Have you found the 4 missing destinations?


    To check your answer, convert all the letters of the countries you have found in numbers ( A=1, B=2, C=3 …) and add them up. Then enter the result of the padlock below:


    After entering the right code, the jigsaw-puzzle shows the url address of our project on Twinspace.