The world in books - A mindful approach while reading books in school libraries


“The world in books” intends to provide moments of reading books on various themes as: diversity, sustainability, friendship, within the relaxing ambience of school library, during the post- pandemic era. Main intention of teachers will be the mindful approach of books, as a radically different orientation towards the practice of reading, paired with reading activities organized collaboratively both by teachers and by the Book Club. Common activities will contribute to the increase of creativity which will be reflected in the works of plastic expression of students and in the creation of a common e-book. The project is based on Daniel Goleman’s theory about the decisive role of Mindful practices in developing Emotional literacy at schools, along with teaching of regular academic subjects. Main goal will be students to be intentionally supported, so to spread love of books into their schools and their community. Monthly online meetings will contribute reflecting on common activities.

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