The Blue Planet Day


Keywords: environmental education, climate education, action for the climate, logo and poster competition, pictures in blue Project activities will run from September through October. They should take place by World Rivers Day, which is September 26. Climate protection and actions for its protection will be the motto of this action. 1) The event is designed to promote climate education. 2) The project involves the preparation of a school event - Blue Planet Day - during which teachers and pupils come to school dressed in blue (if possible with globes in hand) and discuss climate protection issues. 3) In the case of remote education, students who participate in the lessons are also dressed in blue or send a picture of their dress to their teachers. 4) we organise a Blue Planet Day poster and logo competition 5) create a photo or video gallery of the day at school (in the case of remote education: online meetings) 6) we create an e-book and edit a video from our work.

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