Projects drafted during the seminar

  • Thanks to very active and enthusiastic seminar participants, seven project ideas were developed. Advanced stages of project planning have been achieved for all seven of these projects (planned activities, duration, frequency of meetings, goals, expected results). Congratulations! We look forward to see the outcomes!


    Project name Countries involved Goals and activities
    A year together Czech Republic; Hungary; Ukraine; Germany; Austria; Serbia; Slovenia; Croatia Get to know each other, share experiences throughout the year, learn about different cultures; e.g.: celebrating national holidays, but also individual projects.
    Dive into the amazing world of Artificial Intelligence Moldova; Hungary; Slovakia; Austria; Czech Republic; Germany Learn basics of AI. learn sub-branches of AI. Create/Improve coding skills, creative writing: fictional & non-fictional texts (e.g. pro/con AI, survey), e-paper/print magazine.
    Exploring different youth cultures Germany; Czech Republic; Hungary; Austria Using 3 languages (English, Spanish, French) exchange about culture important to youth; create video games and videos.
    Great teacher Hungary; Croatia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Germany; Slovenia; Bulgaria Research what pupils need from teachers, explore stereotypes about teachers and other cultures, create teaching modules to share with community.
    Saving the bees' world Hungary; Slovakia; Czech Republic; Germany; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Moldova Each school will create a garden and exchange and implement ideas how to save bees, discuss the reasons bees are endangered, discover bees life. Each garden could have an additional purpose - educational gallery.
    Students' media literacy project  Bulgaria; Ukraine; Romania In the school subjects "national language" and "ICT" form students' critical thinking skills, the ability to analyze, take responsibility, identify problems and solve them, and also the ability to express their own views and opinions.
    Traditional games from old times Croatia; Moldova; Bulgaria; Slovakia Pupils will explore cultures, history and traditions by researching and playing traditional games from all involved countries.


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