Project Guidelines



    There are several areas to promote to foreign guests. You are to make a film promoting one place in our surroundings that is worthwhile visiting, once we are free to travel again. Your film should contain:

    -Information of the spot: what to see, do and, if applicable, a bit about the history

    - still pictures and or filmed sequences of the area

    - interviews about what people enjoy the most in your chosen area

    Make sure to form it like a travel program

    • With a catchy introduction, perhaps with music 

    • A clear structure (for instance history, today and interviews

    • An outro/or closure summing the place up. 

    Your film should be 5-10 minutes.



    FOLLOW- UP SESSION 1: Create a digital storyboard and pitch your idea. Describe the creative process that led you to decide to follow this particular path. 

    FOLLOW-UP SESSION 2: Which changes have you made to the original idea? What do you need to do? Describe the production process. 



    A promotional video where your team focuses on a particular topic you wish to highlight of the city of Barcelona with a special focus on the target audience. 



    A short text outlining your motivation and decisions along the way. How did you get from A to B to C and so on.

    A transcript of the audio.

    Team roles detailed: Who did what?

    Webography & bibliography.