Travelling teddy bear connects students from different countries

This projects aims to connect students of similar age from different countries by sending and receiving a travelling teddy bear. Each class that participates in the project sends its class teddy bear or a mascot to a partner country. Partner country teacher organizes activities with teddy bear that include taking photos with teddy bear in different...

Project Journal

  • We taught Swedish students "Pinocchio"

    - Posted by Selen ÖZEN ALTUN, 22.05.2016

  • Hello everyone,
    Tina and I planned an activity for our students.We prepared an English activity.We used skype for communication.It was really amazing experience for my students.Thank you,Tina and your nice students.Tina taught my students an English chant "We're going on a bear hunt".They had so fun.Our students had chance to know each other:)

    - Posted by Selen ÖZEN ALTUN, 22.05.2016

  • Hi Victoria and the kids!
    We have already received your letters, mascot and some posters. We are very happy about you work. Your mascot is really nice and it will be in safe hands. In this week my students will take it to their homes and they are going to spend all day with it. It will be a good experience and great fun for them. I will show you in some phptos how my students took care your mascot. Bye for now, write you soon.





    - Posted by Grażyna Zielińska, 16.05.2016

  • Hi Dijana and all fabulous kids
    We have received your letters and posters.
    We all admired your beautiful handwriting we don't have that ability anymore since we don't practice in writing italics anymore.
    Your mascot is safe with us and hopefully doing a lot of fun.
    Soon you will receive new letters from us, answering yours.
    We will also work on our presentation.
    Bye for now


    - Posted by Kristina Ericsson, 16.05.2016

  • Dear Tina and the kids!

    Your letters and your mascot are in Croatia. We have read all of them and we all think that you have make a lot of effort to make them so beautiful and neat.
    We didn`t know what is FLOORBALL so we have to look for it on the internet! It`s cool!!
    Your mascot is safe with us and I think Pipi is having a great time!
    When we finish with all our planned activities, we are going to make a presentation. It will be uploaded on Twinspace.


    - Posted by dijana gasparac, 10.05.2016