EU Games 2015-2016

By learning about the partners's countries and culture in the fields of geography, history, sciences, sports, literature, music, foreign languages and economics in English and French, the French, Polish and Spanish pupils devise EU Games so as to gamify the knowledge they gained throughout their eTwinning project.

Project Journal

  • EN: Congratulations to everyone. We are the winners of the European Prizes 2017 for the age category 16 to 19. So proud of our collaboration today!

    FR: Félicitations à tous. Nous sommes les lauréats du Prix européen 2017 dans la catégorie 16 à 19 ans. Je suis tellement fière de notre collaboration aujourd'hui!
    - Posted by Laurence Altibelli, 13.03.2017

  • EN: Wednesday 7 December de 2016, the article about "PDW for eTwinning Ambassadors in Rhodes (Greece)" that talks about our project has been published in the digital magazine EducaMadrid:

    FR: Mercredi 7 décembre 2016, l'article "PDW para embajadores eTwinning en Rodas (Grecia)" qui parle de notre projet apparaît dans la revue digitale EducaMadrid :

    Captura de imagen de Revista Digital EducaMadrid.png

    - Posted by ESTIBALIZ DE MIGUEL VALLÉS, 07.12.2016

  • Congratulations again! We've got the European Quality Label! Bravo!
    - Posted by Laurence Altibelli, 28.11.2016

    Session: 22 novembre 2016 (18.00-20.00)

    TALK: eTwinning project "EU Games 2015-2016" -Estíbaliz de Miguel

    DIMMadrid 22 nov 2016.png

    DIMMadrid 22 nov 2016 a.png

    - Posted by ESTIBALIZ DE MIGUEL VALLÉS, 24.11.2016

  • EN: Friday 18 November 2016, article "PDW para embajadores eTwinning en Rodas (Grecia)":

    FR: Vendredi 18 novembre 2016, article "PDW para embajadores eTwinning en Rodas (Grecia)":

    Artículo del Portal del Servicio Nacional de Apoyo eTwinning.png

    - Posted by ESTIBALIZ DE MIGUEL VALLÉS, 18.11.2016