Project description

    This project aims to improve 4C (creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking) skills of students and cross cultural communicative skills. Therefore we have planned the activities for our students who are 12-15 years old. 




    Project Plan


    Name of the project

    Cultural Exchange: Quick Project

    Project language


    Project duration

    2 months


    Tuğba ALAGÖZ, Turkey

    Lola MOULIN, France

    Hamza ARSLAN, Turkey

    Heba Sallam, Turkey

    Katarzyna OSIECKA, Poland

    Eva-Maria BREIER, Germany


    Aim of the project

    Improve 4C skılls of students

    Improve cross cultural communicative skills of students


    Communication and collaboration among partners

    Twinspace (twinmail-teachers'bulletin)

    Forum and chat room for students

    Live events (for both teachers and students)

    Social media (for fast contact)


    Technology Integration

    We will ask our students to determine web 2.0 tools. For ex: bitmoji, chatterpix for introduction

    renderforest for animation,video or logo

    logomakr for project logo

    kizoa for video

    genially for games

    befunky for collage of pictures

    postermywall for posters

    madmagazine for e-magazine


    Innovative side of the project

    As economic globalization continuously popularizes and era develops, English has become the language which is most widely applied in the world. This puts forward new requirements for English teaching. Today when foreign exchanges become increasingly close, cultivation of cross-cultural communication competence receives more and more attention.Students should expand their horizon, know very well foreign culture and enhance their cross-cultural communication competence while mastering language application ability in current stage, cross-cultural communication competence occupies an important position in English teaching. In order to construct cross-cultural communication competence in English teaching, we should comprehensively cognize cross-cultural communication competence.




    Writing letters/postcards

    Designing project logo

    Collaborative games 

    Collaborative e-magazine


    Integration to curriculum

    Students can tell about themselves, their interest and hobbies.

    Students can learn new cultures 


    Expected results and outputs

    -exchanged letters

    -new words in different languages

    -collaborative story (ebook)

    -collaborative e-magazine  on cultures

    -developed 4C skiils and digital competences 



    Evaluation survey for both students and teachers


    Project bulletin, social media, school websites,blog