We will make a special contribution to the German-Polish relationships by producing a music video with our two partner classes in the European city of Görlitz.

Project Journal

  • Greetings from Kassel. Find one mistake in this photo! :-)

    hercules of liberty.jpg

    - Posted by Steffen Töppler, 26.06.2016

  • 25 Jahre Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk - 25 lecie Polsko-Niemieckiej Współpracy Młodzieży

    Briefmarke 25 Jahre DPJW

    - Posted by Steffen Töppler, 11.06.2016

  • The Sky is the Limit

    - Posted by Steffen Töppler, 24.05.2016

  • Gifts from PNWM/DPJW


    - Posted by Marek Fularz, 30.03.2016