True Colours

Colours are such a common element in our lives that we tend to overlook its importance. Our goal is to help our students become aware of how colours are tied to cultural differences, how they can be used as an important communication tool and how, when used properly, they can change perception, feelings and even lead to different reactions. Student...

Project Journal

  • Congratulations to all! Our project has been awarded with a Quality Label in Croatia.

    True colours QL.png

    - Posted by Arjana Blazic, 24.09.2016

  • Assessment

    When we first started the True Colours project we asked our students what their expectations were - some were a bit wary of the way the physical distance could make it hard to work together; some were a tad scared with possible communication issues; others were just looking forward to the opportunity to make new friends and the chance to actually use English in real life situations.
    Now, as we wrap the project up we asked them to assess the project. It was a real pleasure to hear their enthusiasm as they looked back on the work they did and proudly talked about it. They were aware of the “simple things” like: Yes, it was a fun way to learn and practice English; Yes, it was great to skype with other students; Yes, it was really good to work collaboratively. But what was truly amazing (what eluded most of them) was how the project had sparked their creativity, their ability to make new things; how they had been able to accomplish individual learning and contribute to the learning of others through the use of digital media.

    The True Colours project brought together students from primary, middle and secondary schools, proving that these type of projects can and do work across age and grade spectrums. We had the opportunity to witness, first hand, how the younger students were thrilled to be working with older students, looking to do their best and contribute to the tasks; how the older students showed awareness of their responsibilities towards their younger colleagues, and felt proud to be a part of an international peer group that was doing something interesting and important together.
    It is true that assessing is never easy, but one thing we are sure of: we all tried to start from our curriculum and made learning our goal, adjusting the activities to our own educational context. So, as we weigh our choices and look at all our students accomplished in such a short period of time, we couldn’t be prouder. We believe we have improved our professional practice and contributed to the effectiveness, vitality, and self renewal of our school.
    All in all, the outcome of the project is clearly positive, and we are walking away from it more aware of our own capability to cooperate and compromise.
    - Posted by Alexandra Francisco, 07.07.2016

  • Final ebook!

    The final activity of our project is done.

    - Posted by Alexandra Francisco, 07.07.2016

  • The Cube Stories magazine is published

    A mag created with Madmagz.

    - Posted by Arjana Blazic, 26.06.2016

  • Assessment - Teachers

    We created a google form to collect the teachers' assessment of the project

    - Posted by Alexandra Francisco, 23.06.2016