ICT WORLD - Imaging, Coding, Transforming and Simulating the World

We like to image real life with software tools like GIMP, GEOGEBRA or SKETCHUP, to code and transform situations by using SCRATCH and ARDUINO or simulate social or economic aspects of life with EXCEL or GAPMINDER. These materials will be drafted student-centred and facilitate also cooperative work offering different path through the learning topic....

Project Journal

  • Some basics of GIMP again, by Lucia, Spanish student in Finland (long term mobilities)

    - Posted by Siegfried MAILLARD, 18.11.2017

  • Some basics of GIMP. A video from Teresa, Spanish student in France (long term mobilities)

    - Posted by Siegfried MAILLARD, 12.11.2017

  • Happy Birthday Erasmus ! 30 years. Video made with former students who participated in European projects in the last 10 years.

    - Posted by Siegfried MAILLARD, 04.11.2017

  • From 6th Nov 2017, after a successful application form, French school will receive twice a week 3 "Ambassadors of European values". They are young volunteer adults offereing 1 year of their life in another country, making their experience through difusing the European values. During these 2 hours each week, they will help / lead groups of students in participating in the project activities. They will also probably present their countries and culture.
    Photo : 1st meeting in Bordeaux to set the final agreements.

    20171016_145643 (Personnalisé).jpg

    20171016_135533 (Personnalisé).jpg

    - Posted by Siegfried MAILLARD, 02.11.2017

  • Presentation of ICT WORLD in a workshop in Malta with the French NSS and NA (international eTwinning conference)

    IMG-20171027-WA0008 (Personnalisé).jpg

    20171027_152057 (Personnalisé).jpg

    - Posted by Siegfried MAILLARD, 27.10.2017