ICT WORLD - Imaging, Coding, Transforming and Simulating the World

We like to image real life with software tools like GIMP, GEOGEBRA or SKETCHUP, to code and transform situations by using SCRATCH and ARDUINO or simulate social or economic aspects of life with EXCEL or GAPMINDER. These materials will be drafted student-centred and facilitate also cooperative work offering different path through the learning topic....

Project Journal

  • 2 different reporter teams (one from France, one from EU) came to the French school 1 day each to make a video report of the project. Great moments
    video reports on PhotoPeach
    - Posted by Siegfried MAILLARD, 23.05.2018

  • Bananas ICT ( Scratch + Makey Makey)

    - Posted by Tatjana Vinokurova, 17.04.2018

  • Incredible good, wonderful, Marta! Thank you for this promotional video!
    - Posted by Monika Schwarze, 14.04.2018

  • Please, have a look at the promotional video done by Marta, a Spanish girl of 13 years that will probably be selected for one of the next year mobilities: https://twinspace.etwinning.net/16691/pages/page/271171

    - Posted by David Cuadros Avilés, 14.04.2018

  • Congratulations to all of us (FI, FR, GER, LV) to be awarded as eTwinning school. Both twinspaces of ICT World and a lot of cooperation among teachers in each school have contributed to this.
    - Posted by Monika Schwarze, 12.04.2018