Promoting European Awareness and Key competences –PEAK

Peak Project aims to support the long-term positive effects on the participating institutions , systems and individuals involved , with the aim to modernize and strengthen the systems of education and training. The strategic use of ICT , OER, a pedagogy customized according to the needs of the individual and virtual mobility are the resources arou...

Project Journal

  • Peaky Teachers will be on move again next February: our English Partner, Leeds Beckett University, will host the project with a challenging and interesting topic: How to flip a classroom.


    - Posted by ANTONIO SARACENO, 04.01.2018

  • PEAK project is going on...please read new pages about LTTA in Burgas 2017


    - Posted by ANTONIO SARACENO, 19.05.2017

  • Nearly fifty teachers coming from Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and Bulgary have attended the training course on ICT and e-learning teaching organised and worked out in Burgas by the BFU University.
    Coming soon the reports and a pic gallery. Stay Tuned.
    - Posted by ANTONIO SARACENO, 08.05.2017

  • Coming soon: Pic gallery of the Multiplier Event in Burgas, worked out by the BFU University
    - Posted by ANTONIO SARACENO, 08.05.2017

  • Meeting of the group of teachers from GRE « Rakovski” before the workshop in Cordoba

    Agenda of the meeting

    • discussion about the competences to attend the Cordoba workshop

    • basics of Google Drive and Moodle

    • documents to fill and provide

    • discussion on the learning outcomes for Cordoba

    - Posted by Nikolay Nikolov, 22.03.2016