European Jobs and Careers

During the development of the eTwinning project “European Jobs and Careers” students will do some research about jobs in the past, present and future, traditional jobs, which have disappeared, and new jobs that exist now in their country, due to the industrialization, normalization, globalization and the New Technological and Digital Era.


    Project Journal

    • Please upload the results/statistics of the questionnaires you've applied to grandparents and parents, on the specified forum, as our project well close by the end of June and we need all the information to create the project magazine!
      - Posted by Lidia Monica Boje, 29.05.2016

    • That's great, Stefania! We'll organize an event in our school, too, but only in May as we're on vacation now! We're eager to see photos of your event!
      Best regards,
      - Posted by Lidia Monica Boje, 25.04.2016

    • Dear partner,
      How are you? Are you working for the next step of the project? We are late for the results of the questionnaires, sorry.
      We are organizing an event for the end of May with the students presenting what they would like to do when they grow up, we are also involving the local authority.
      Stefania Cefalo e Anna D'Innocenti
      - Posted by Stefania Cefalo, 16.04.2016

    • Our colleague, Naira, from Armenia, made a very nice presentation of their school and uploaded on twinspace. You can see it as a subpage under the "Short presentation..." page! Thank you, Naira, and your students! Keep up the good work!
      - Posted by Lidia Monica Boje, 22.03.2016

    • Congratulations to you Gabriela, and your students for the great job you did with the results of the questionnaires. I didn't know the tool you used ( until now, but I find it very very useful. Thank you!
      - Posted by Lidia Monica Boje, 22.03.2016