Let’s express how we view each other through fashion and design!

The students come from vocational schools in France and Italy.They all study fashion design and dressmaking. Throughout this project students will get to learn more about each other’s countries and cultures. They will express the way they view their counterparts’ country and culture through the final design of a piece of clothing.

Project Journal

  • Hi Patrizia,
    Same for us, we have been Soo busy lately... the students are taking their final exams at the moment.
    indeed, my students were very enthusiastic as well, they really appreciated the project. As it is their final year, they won't be able to do another one, thats a shame ...
    I'm looking forward to start another project with you ,
    talk soon Sandrine
    - Posted by sandrine palau-windstein, 20.06.2017

  • Hi Sandrine
    as I told you in the previous emails , I have just started working on the project again. We have had so many engagements at school lately after our skype video Call of the 5th May.... My students were so enthusiast...
    I gave a look at the final evaluation form and I must say that the general feedback for our project is really positive, isn't it?
    I 've uploaded another photo of our Logo , but this time our models are not beheaded......
    let's keep updated....
    - Posted by Patrizia Dinoi, 18.06.2017

  • Happy Easter and see you soon after our Holidays

    easter eggs.jpg

    - Posted by Patrizia Dinoi, 10.04.2017

  • thanks !!

    - Posted by sandrine palau-windstein, 08.02.2017

  • Hi, everybody,

    all the logos have been uploaded on our tricider ...
    Now we have to vote and choose one logo....
    so let's start voting......
    By the way, Sandrine happy birthday ...
    You and Carola celebrate on the 30th of January...... what a coincidence !!!!

    - Posted by Patrizia Dinoi, 30.01.2017