Children's Evaluation

  • Have a discussion with the children to find out the benefits and challenges of the project. 

    Kindergarten/country 1. What have you learnt during the project? 2.What was your favourite activity? 3,What were the challenges/difficulties in project activities?
    1. Kindergarten "Don Ivica Čondrić" Žepče, Bosnia -flags, new games, interesting experiments Gifts/souvenires and Skype meetings. Applying experiments and drawing experiments.
    2. Kindergarten No. 3 Bistrita - about different countries, experiments, how to send envelopes, play new games Making the experiments and sending the souvenirs. We couldn”t meet in person and didn”t  understand all the words in the Skype meetings.
    3.Kindergarten of Ingote - School Group Rainha Santa Isabel - Coimbra - Portugal Experiences, learn to play their games, learn the flags, countries and much more. The opinions were diverse. Do the experiments, paint the flags and playing games on the internet. We do not feel any difficulty.
    4. Kindergarten No. 21 Rybnik/ Poland - about countries, flags, experiments, other classes, about eTwinning more ( logo etc.), playing games. Doing experiments, unpacking envelopes with souvenirs, Skype meetings. We didn't had any difficulty/ challenges.
    5. Junior Academy in Olsztyn, Poland names and flags of other countries, how to make a game on the interactive board, experiments of others Experiments, making a video about our group, sending letters and receiving gifts Nothing.
    6. Kindergarten Scornicesti, Romania new thinks about other countrys, their activities, experiments and other particularities of their region. making the experiments. We couldn"t speak on skipe in real time because in our class we don't have a good connection on the internet.
    7. Kindergarten "Trešnjevka", Croatia

    Childrens statements: We have learnd various experiments and we helped our heads to be even better; I have learned that Tornado spins very fast and crashes everything; I have learnd that there are various types of Tornado(on land, water); In our experiment Rainbow we have learnd why colours  didnt mix; We have learnd to explore different things and phenomen on the Sky.

    Most children: Kids also said that they learnd names and flags of other countries, new games 



    Most children: All children told that their favourite activities were experiments. ( Most interesting: Tornado, Rainy Cloud, Dancing Octopus, Craters on the Moon, Blowing Baloons without air.) 

     Some said that they like going on internet and watching their friend in other countries (Skyp meeting, videos with experiments) and learning flags on Computer.


    Childrens statements: It is realy hard to be a scientist, you have to be very careful; Everything was easy for me ; I was realy sad because my experiment didnt succeeded first time, I had to try one more time; Why cant we met with our friends from other countries-can we go and visit them?. 

    Most children: They cant remember any difficulty they told that everything was easy for them.

    8. Kindergarten Lithuania/Kelmė -about others countries, flags. We learned how to play new games and many new experiments. We liked to do experiments.Skype meetings. Nothing.
    9. Latvia, kindergarten "Saulīte" (The SUN)

    - we learned many countries, their flags, their location in map, herd different languages. Played different games.

    - we get knowlendges about nature phenomena, explained them.

    - We get answers to question How? and Why?

    -countries games

    - experiments what we did by ourself

    - new game with Europa coutries flags

    - Skype meeting with Lithuania kids

    - to draw experiments

    - nothing

    - waiting for next experiments

    10. Turkey, Şehit Er İnan Akçam İlkokulu different countries, flags, experiments, cultures,  ouvenires and meetings. nothing
    11. TURKEY Kuzyaka Ortaokulu KASTAMONU/TURKEY enjoyable experiments, countries' names, flags and important cities skype meeting, doing experiments and playing games nothing