The Wave


This project is meant to allow teenagers of two different countries in Europe to share the experience of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We want to involve two groups of the students of IIS Caterina Caniana, in Italy and Von Humboldt School, in Germany, to think about what has been happening to their lives. We will give them some reflection themes in the form of questions and guide them towards a better understanding of what has been happening and what we can do to feel better. We will try to focus on the huge amount of energy that all the people living in different parts of the world have put together to face a common enemy: the Pandemic. This has allowed the scientists to find a vaccine very rapidly and to make advances that can be applied to the treatment of other diseases. This wave didn’t submerge us completely, on the contrary it made us detect some reference point and values that we were giving for granted. Things are changing, maybe we’ll have the opportunity to make an improvement.

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