The project

  • Learn English with apps

    “Learn English with apps” is a project which aims at making students test and write about free apps that can help them improve their English language skills. The project aims at taking advantage of a powerful and engaging learning tool – the students’ smartphone. Considering the huge amount of apps everywhere, the project wants to make students test some of them for some time and see if they are in fact effective or not at improving English language skills.

    Students will be sorted into different roles:

    • App tester & reviewer (tests the apps, writes reviews and rates apps)
    • App finder (valid for rounds 2 & 3)
    • Art/Design editor (responsible for the way a magazine looks, supervises and assists with page design, sets colour scheme for the edition, coordinates the cover of the magazine, creates the logo of the project)
    • Editor (proofreads what was written by other students by examining the text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling)
    • Multimedia specialist (designs and creates information technology based multimedia products that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video-clips, etc; skilled student who has some expertise in some of the following areas: computer graphics, audio design/recording/editing, video recording/editing)

    We have teams from the following countries:

    • Poland (Zespół Szkół Zawodowych im. św. Barbary w Bogatyni)
    • Portugal (Escola Secundária de Mira de Aire, Mira de Aire)
    • Portugal (EBI São Domingos, Covilhã)
    • Turkey (Darıca Anadolu Lisesi)

    Epic intro created by the Polish team: