Water is a natural resource that depends on how man uses it to be renewable or not.When we look at Planet Earth, we find that it is mostly made up of water and hence there are those who think, wrongly, that water is always available, since 97% of the existing water is salty, of the remaining 3% the majority is at the poles or in the high mountains in solid stateā€¦ ice.On the other hand, of the world population is increasing which leads to greater demand and at the same time the impact of pollution also grows.The need for water is increasing and the one that exists is polluted, which means that a renewable resource will no longer be. It is essential to be aware when using water without wasting it and, at the same time, there must be greater concern in reducing pollution.For these reasons, we should explain the importance of water to our children. We will make our students realize this with the activities we will do. Because if there is water, there is the future.

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