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    Lisbon: Lisbon is the largest and most important city in Portugal. It is the capital of Portugal. Raven is the symbol of Lisbon. Sym bol of Lisbon is yellow tram and almost the same Golden Gate Bridge as in San Francisco in California.Belém is very famous sightseeing and people can see the largest aquarium in the world. There was a big eathhquake in Lisbon in the past. Lisbon is famous for football and football team Benfica. I want to visit Lisbon in the future and I want to see famous bridge which is called Vasco da Gama.

    And a video:

    Lisbon is the oldest city in western Europe and the capital city. It was the town of sailors in the past. It is the city of seven hills. Vasco da Gama Bridge is very famous all over the world. It is the longest bridge in Europe. it is 11 miles long.Graffity and other streets art are famous in Lisbon.Benfica football club is very famous and favourite. Lisbon is similar to San Francisco in California. The first trams were called Americanos and there are still in Lisbon, They are yellow colour and  you can see the bridge very similar like Golden Gate Bridge in California.

    Lisbon - this is my favourite city. It has half million inhabitants. It is the capitalof Portugal. This city is famous for its bridge and trams. This city is called as twin city to San Francisco in California.Football is very famous  with Benfica football team. There are interesting streets and pavements decorated with tiles. Belém is famous tower. Once it was a prison.The bridge is called aftor the sailor Vasco da Gama.