News in Europe

The aim of the project is to comment news in Europe. It will be the opportunity to deal with freedom of speech, to present the newspapers of each countries, to do some surveys about the way European teenagers are informed. We can speak about journalism too... To present all these informations, students will do a website.

Project Journal

  • - Posted by nadine mallejac, 25.05.2016

  • Hello from Italy,
    We are all very pleased and excited about our website and can't wait to see the final contributions. This has been a very interesting project and it was something new for us. It has made us aware of the great opportunities etwinning offers and it was great sharing ideas with new friends from other countries. We have learnt a lot and have had fun at the same time. We'll be publishing the finished product on our school website because we are very proud of it and we want everybody connected with our school such as students, parents and other teachers to see it A big thank you to everybody and we hope we can work with you again. Take care of yourselves and be happy.
    - Posted by Veronica Keohane, 25.04.2016

  • Hello from Italy .. the page about ethics in journalism is very interesting..well done.
    - Posted by Veronica Keohane, 29.03.2016

  • Hello from Italy, lucky you if you are already on holiday, this is our last day and we are having a last look at the webpage. Ulrike you can find the 'Wall' on padlet,com it's a free app for educators and the 'apple' is from a selection of shapes to make a kind of poster once again a free app called 'tagul'. Have fun and happy holidays
    - Posted by Veronica Keohane, 23.03.2016

  • Hello from Germany!
    We've had no more time to look at the twinpage - I do hope someof my students found out who the Italian groups were. Others finished their articles, so I put the text about the broadcasting station onto the website, and the two small texts about two newspapers. We're now on holiday unfortunately, so we only meet again in April. Where do I find this Wall, Veronica?

    - Posted by Ulrike Denis, 23.03.2016