• This project is about games both traditional and digital, containing traditional games of the partner countries. Through the activities, students will find out a bit of their partner countries' culture and also many common elements that exist. Students are about to discover the rules of traditional games they have never played before by collaborating with their partners. They are also going to play games with them which are common between the partner countries and involve in online games. They are going to complete digital game missions, and have fun together.

    - Team spirit cultivation
    - Critical thinking development for taking decisions
    - Development of creativity
    - Perception of the team members' complementarity
    - Collaboration development
    - Designing and assessment competences development
    - Enrichment of cultural and geographical knowledge
    - Art competences development
    - Have fun through learning and collaborating
    - Development of "obeying the rules" competences
    - Perception of the value of "helping the others"
    - Enrichment of the communication experience with foreign partners of the same age
    - Develop a feeling of acceptance of differentiation
      -Improving ICT skills.   
      - To see common elements between cultures


    We play, grow and learn together.