Project plan





    January 15th – February 15th

    Lets introduce ourselves

    Presentations of our school, city and country.

    Padlet, Prezi...

    Online meeting between schools

    Skype or Adobe connect

    How does it says in my country

    List of common words in this project and how it says and write in all languages of our partners.

    Students will write on Twinspace words, recording themselves speaking on their language and add record on Twinspace.

    Twinspace, Vocaroo, Audio Boom...

    February 16th -  March 15th

    Lesson of tools for presentation and programming(made by teachers - partners of project)

    Students learn to use various web 2.0 tools and programming languages


    Prezi, Voki, Scratch, Thinglink...

    March 16th -  April 27th

    Making presentations

    Formed group of students from other school who will do presentation and programming task together.

    Topic will be Famous women in ICT, popular jobs, new technology...

    Voting for best work of students

    Prezi, Voki, Scratch, Thinglink, Tricider...

    April 28th

    Presentation of final product Online conference with every partners.

    Showing presentations and tasks made by students.

    Skype or Adobe connect