Experience Our Countries through QR Codes

Groups of students are going to create tasks for their partners. The tasks will be encrypted in QR codes and will be related to the Czech Republic and Poland trivia. The pupils will also share links with current culture issues of their respective countries.

Project Journal

  • Hi everybody,
    we have translated your sentences into Czech. We realized that you must be very good at languages!
    We are sending the last activity. Post your project experience on Padlet!
    Lenka and 9.C
    - Posted by Lenka Malá, 19.04.2016

  • Hello
    We have just translated your text and we can see that our languages are really similar. The problems appear only with some names of dishes which we came across in the learningapps activities but here it seems that we can understand each other quite easily. That's probably because both languages are Slavonic and we live in neighbouring countries so the similiarity is really outstanding.
    Now you can try our Quizlet and translation activity which we added in the same page as yours.
    Thank you for interesting and nice tasks you have prepared for us. Thanks to them we had the chance to learn a lot about your country and we all dream of visiting The Czech Republic.
    Anka Mazur
    - Posted by Anna Mazur, 18.03.2016

  • Hi everybody,
    we carefully watched the presentations which were really good. We also did the matching activities. Now we know a lot more about the Polish important sights. Have a look into forum. We sent short messages about what places in Poland were the most interesting for us. We would surely like to visit some of the mentioned places in the future.
    Looking forward to the next activity at the end of February. We are off school from 22/2 to 28/2.
    - Posted by Lenka Malá, 11.02.2016

  • Hi Our Czech Friends
    There are two presentations for you to watch and some matching activities that follow. They are about Polish most famous cities. We hope you'll have fun while doing them.
    - Posted by Anna Mazur, 02.02.2016

  • Hi everyone, do the next activity and let us know to the forum what Czech dish you would like to taste and what place you would like to visit.

    - Posted by Lenka Malá, 27.01.2016