Overview of all activities

  • This year we started our Out of the Box project. You will find all lessons in the Journal. You can download the teacher's and children's templates. Enjoy it as much as we do!
    Every topic ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths ) has 6 activities from grade 1 till grade 6.


    grade 1 Beebot
    grade 2 Kodable
    grade 3 Angry Birds
    grade 4 Scratch JR
    grade 5 LeGo WeDo
    grade 6 Star Wars


    grade 1 We build a catapult
    grade 2 We build a ball track
    grade 3 We build a carrousel
    grade 4 We build a power circuit
    grade 5 We build a bridge
    grade 6 We build a car


    grade 1 Bowling
    grade 2 Weighing
    grade 3 Kite
    grade 4 Pentaminoes
    grade 5-6 Shapes and patterns


    grade 1 Leaf hunt
    grade 2 Evergreen leaves
    grade 3 Seed germination
    grade 4 Plants and global warning
    grade 5 Soils and landslides
    grade 6 Leaf pigments