Diary San Lorenzo

  • Friday, 11.11.2016
    We and our teachers started our trip to
    San Lorenzo de El Escorial on Friday
    morning. We met each other at school
    and were driven to the airport by a
    shuttlebus. Our plane took off at about 12
    a.m. and we arrived, after an hour by train,
    at the station of SAN LORENZO DE EL
    ESCORIAL, where the host families
    already waited for us. It was fun meeting
    this people again and we were excited
    about getting to know something new.
    In the evening, we stayed together at one's
    house and had lunch. ....
    Saturday, 12.11.2016
    On the second day, we visited Segovia. The highlight was the
    Roman aqueduct, where our sightseeing tour startet.
    Afterwards we had free time in wich we had to do a photo
    project. For this, we have been devided into four groups and in
    every group there were german, spanish, dutch and italian pupils.
    Later, we met again at somebody's house and cooked together.
    Sing star ...
    Sunday, 13.11.2016
    Today, we had free time and could do what we wanted to. Me and my host went to
    Madrid, where we met other students at the market. We enjoyed the nice weather
    and visited a few sights. We also had lunch there. Later in the evening, we met all of
    the spanish students with their guests at the ice hall in a neighbourhood city. We
    spent there about 3 hours and went home afterwards at about 9 o'clock.
    Monday, 14.11.2016
    The following week started at school, where many students from international
    countries did their presentations about discrimination. Between them, there was a
    break for having our breakfast. After the programm, we had traditional paella and
    two further dishes in a fish restaurant at the railway station.
    Tuesday, 15.11.2016
    The day we all have waited for! At first, we visited the famous prado museum
    and enjoyed Madrid, while students showed us some secret places. In our free
    time, we ate traditional churros. After that, we went to another museum, which
    was made for blind people. It was very interesting.
    Wednesday, 16.11.2016
    On our last whole day, we were at school to watch a theatre wich was played by
    some spanish students. It was about sexism. Further on, we got some questions to
    reflect the situation for women in the society of our countries. We also visited the
    Monastery and got a guided tour. At 8.30 p.m., there was a farewell dinner for all of
    us and our teachers. The evening ended up in a bar, where we enjoyed our last
    evening together with all students.
    Thursday, 11/17/2016
    Today was the day we all had to leave. We arrived at school at half past seven.
    We had to wait there for about 2 hours, so we decided to drink a coffee in a
    cafeteria near the school.
    Afterwards, some teachers took us to the station where we had to take the
    train to the airport, where we had to wait about 2 hours.
    When we flew over Munich, it was already dark outside so we were able to see
    the lights of the city.
    We arrived at our school at a quarter to eight.
    It was a very interesting week in Spain and we all had a lot of fun!