Arts & Maths: our project

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    Details :
    During this project, pupils will be aware to the other European pupils. They will share their cultures, their experiences in the scientific domain. In every school, pupils will make works of learning and searches, in order to produce documents allowing them to present their school, their work in the different fields of mathematics and arts. So children will learn and teach in a cooperative way with friends from other countries.
    Gradually, they will also acquire ICT skills. They will learn to examine documents, to share their knowledge with others and to create digital documents.


    Pedagogical objectives:
    With this project, pupils will:
    - get acquainted with children native of other countries;
    - learn it more on his school;
    - learn it more on other European school;
    - be confronted with other languages;
    - know it more about the culture of each of the others to overcome so the prejudice and transmit tolerance;
    - use effectively ICT skills;
    - work on mathematics: symmetries, geometry, perspectives, proportions and origami;
    - work on visual art, plastical art
    - work on the relation that could be make between arts & mathematics.


    Working procedure:
    1st period (november/december): presentation of the different classes, schools and cities.
    2nd period (january): work on symmetries.
    3rd period (february): work on geometry.


    Expected results:
    Through this project, we are willing to get our collaborative work recognized. We want to share our experiences: sharing good practices between European schools, stimulating mathematic and artistical awareness.
    Pupils’ production will be shared on the Twinspace and we will create a collaborative book.
    Pupils will learn about other countries, languages and ways of life. They will discover other realities and environments. At the end of the school year, pupils’ work will be presented to the parents and all the educative community.