Our world is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, the schools are closed and distance-learning or hybrid-learning have replaced face-to-face education in many countries. As partners, we want our students to keep in touch with other students and to improve their language skills by motivating them to learn English. We will develop their ICT skills with the help of web 2.0 tools. This project consists of partners teaching and learning English as a foreign language. It’s World Children’s Day today!A day to reimagine a better future for every child, so we applied for the project approval on this special day.This year, the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a child rights crisis. The costs of the pandemic for children are immediate and, if unaddressed, may last a lifetime. It’s time for teachers to come together to reimagine the type of lessons that our students deserve during the pandemic. We want our students to experience joy from investigating and working collaboratively.

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