The Mystery of Science


This is a part of the Erasmus+ project 'The Mystery of Science". Participants of this project are students from five schools from Croatia-Zagreb, Czech-Trinec, Estonia-Narva, Poland-Wejherowo, and Finland-Lappeenranta. The main aim of this project is the promotion and development of students' skills and knowledge of the English language, maths, biology, and science with the use of modern technology and ICT. Participants will collaborate in national and international groups and participate in five parts of the project, each focusing on one subject (maths, biology, chemistry, physics, or geography) and prepared by one of the partner schools. All the tasks will be based on a book written by an author from each country. Students will promote the book, create and solve tasks connected with the plot. Finally, they will work in international groups to create escape rooms based upon the plot of the book.

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