European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized World

The project, which is an Erasmus+ will provide students with the opportunity to conduct an insightful exploration and a detailed comparative analysis of the way consumerism and globalization create teenagers' self-image, attitudes, perceptions and needs, both in their countries and in those of the partner schools. Working collaboratively, students ...

Project Journal

  • Before school ended, in June, at Liceo Anguissola, Italy, we gave the students who took part regularly in the project a certificate of partecipation, which was necessary to have a school credit.




    - Posted by Rossana Maglia, 28.08.2017

  • Hi there,
    the following picture shows the Erasmus+ point in our school. This is to let all the students and teachers what has happened in the two years' projects together!


    - Posted by Rossana Maglia, 01.06.2017

  • We are in Gallivare, Lapland for the 4th international meeting. It has been a great pleasure to meet again. We are having a great time.
    - Posted by Rossana Maglia, 04.04.2017

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  • We have added some report about Croatian meeting at last!
    - Posted by Rossana Maglia, 03.12.2016