Christmas cards and traditions in Europe

This project aims that our pupils learn and show about Christmas traditions in different countries in Europe. We also plan that our pupils practise and learn foreign languages ( French and English )


    Project Journal

    • Let me fill you in the work done in these last three weeks of school before the Christmas holidays:
      November 30 eight parents of my two classes have received permission from the headmaster to access the school premises during school hours to work with me to the realization of the eTwinning project. At school, now there is a group of parents etwinning!
      They have worked with me with great enthusiasm in all the activities organized.
      For the presentation of our school, after discussion in each of the two classes, the children decided to form two groups and chose the badge of a different color and with Christmas subjects.
      The mothers helped us achieve them and the children used them both when shooting photographs of the two buildings of our institute, which took place on two different days,
      both during the Christmas Concert.
      Returning to the group of parents etwinning now the number of subscriptions grew as my colleague we have involved representatives of the parents of the fifth class and will proceed, even with the return of those other classes. We are also creating with them a group of WhatsApp for the exchange and sharing of information.
      - Posted by Giuseppa Zannelli, 18.12.2015

    • Dear friends,
      Yesterday we also received the beautiful postcards from England. My children and teachers we were delighted. Today we have placed on the wall and out of the classroom to begin a beautiful exhibition that will continue in January, so we will add one from Spain. I think we have started an exciting journey of straw educational, cultural and lingual.
      Thank you for this opportunity that we are offering to our students but also to parents at the same time are also excited to be part of this European project.
      - Posted by Giuseppa Zannelli, 18.12.2015

    • Today we received all the greetings cards from Spain. We were impressed by all the cards from all the children. We enjoyed looking at the different designs and the nice drawings. We thought the handwriting was really neat. We learnt how to say happy Christmas in Spanish.
      Feliz Navidad from year 4 at St Peter's in Hinckley, England.
      - Posted by Elodie Walsh, 16.12.2015

      We begin to create greeting cards from tomorrow. In my two classes students choose what to write and in which languages. Already someone asked me if he can write greetings in Spanish. So it will also depend on whether they write in four, three or two languages.
      - Posted by Giuseppa Zannelli, 22.11.2015

    • Depending on the levels, they are writing them in Enlish and Spanish. Or Spanish, English and French.
      - Posted by Carmen Romero, 18.11.2015