The "DISCONNECT - Dive Into Social Communities Or Networks Navigating Everyday Completely Truthfully"

The project The "Disconnect" aims at empowering our students to take control of their use of digital technology using the internet and social media in a more critical and responsible way while getting to know the main dangers they can meet online. Nowadays, computer, tablets and phones are an inevitable part of our lives. We have grown so used to the virtual dimension accompanying us every day. Evidently, there is no escape from the Internet and its dangers and escaping would only mean detaching from society. Thus, we want to raise awareness about the positive sides of the web while warning about the omnipresent dangers that exist when you connect to the Net. We want our students to become more mindful of threats and opportunities that the digital devices in our pockets present and how to be able to disconnect from the virtual world at least for a short time reconsidering the positive aspects of face-to-face relationships.

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