• Happy children in kindergarten 

    About ; 

    • The aim of the project is for students to celebrate important days

    •  Getting to know students' own cultures and different cultures through music, dance and art

    • Students being aware of the world problems they are experiencing




    The goal of the project is to:

    • Developing the awareness of students about important days by celebrating special days

    •  Enable students to socialize

    • To ensure that students learn about their own culture and the cultures of different countries

    • Students' awareness of problems and development of problem solving skills

    • Developing students' skills to be a part of the team

    • Students' learning and using web2 tools through activities

    • Art, music, coding, Web2. To share pre-school education activities.

    • To adapt to pre-school education curriculum integration.

    • Providing students with the opportunity to chat about many problems, express their opinions, express their feelings through activities such as global warming, Protecting polar bears, World kindness day, International day of River, Sparrow day, Kidney day, Health day, Autism awareness day, Down syndrome awareness day.

    • Enabling students to get to know each other through online meetings and communicate by playing interactive games.

    • Ensuring that students learn the languages of different countries and become world citizens. 


    Expected results: 

    • All partners celebrate important days and share photos and videos on the pages and homepage.

    • Students get to know different countries and find the opportunity to learn their names,  flags and cultural features of the countries.

    •  Problem solving skills of students improve.

    • Schools celebrate many special days celebrated around the world and raise awareness of common problems by celebrating the same topics and the same special days. 

    • Collaboration and harmonious working skills of the students and all partners develop.

    • Students actively use web 2 tools in education and develop contemporary ICT skills.

    •  Students will gain more self-confidence in foreign languages

    • Our students' interest in written and visual materials and the outside world is increased




    All events and special days in the project will be held in cooperation with the partners. An ebook for protecting Polar Bear and saving our Earth about climate change will be prepare by all partners. Common songs will be sung in a choir and the same theater performance will be performed by all partners. For the effective use of technology in the project, online games will be played, online meetings will be held and all materials will be uploaded to eTwinning pages using various web tools. 

    Students use all the methods and techniques below in this project.

    - Brainstorming

    - Discussion

    - Question answer

    - Drama, acting

    - Coding

    - Gamification


    - Examination, research

    - Experiment

    - Observation