Climate Heroes – Let`s save the Planet!


The project “Climate Heroes – Let`s save the Planet” is an Erasmus KA2 project of 6 European schools interested in climate change education and whose pupils want to be part of the climate debate and take action. The Project strengthens the motivation and interest of students for learning through the use of different disciplines, including art, science, ICT, English and technology, which help to involve pupils of various talents and interests. The project uses the concept of superheroes to enthuse and motivate pupils and to give them the knowledge and understanding of climate change to both alter their own daily life and also to encourage others to do the same. They will all learn how to be climate superheroes. We will work in 6 modules. : • Climateer - Let’s save the planet! • Wastebuster - Let’s save the planet! • Aquapura - Let’s save the planet! • Solarwave - Let’s save the planet! • Atmos - Let’s save the planet! • Earth Force Five - Let’s save the planet!

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