Exploring sustainability in the food sector

The most relevant topics addressed by our project are: Entrepreneurial learning - entrepreneurship education, Environment and climate change, ICT - new technologies - digital competences, foreign languages, especially English.


    Project Journal

    • I was really exited when it finally was our turn as the Finnish team to host a meeting. Visiting other countries and learning about their culture and views on sustainable development in the food sector had been one of the most interesting experiences of my time in Etelä-Tapiola. I was more than happy to be able to share that with my Finnish schoolmates. Opening the supermarket was rewarding since it was the first time we could actually see all the work we've done. One thing that I appreciated the most was the Learning Cafe, which really opened my eyes on how much there is yet to do. We spend a lot of time in the project talking about sustainable development in making of the food, but I feel like often we forgot about the social aspect of something being sustainable. It was also nice to notice that my language has improved and I was more comfortable talking only in English during the Learning Cafe. Although at some points of the project it was tiring and I wasn't completely sure what would be the outcome I'm happy that I participated and learned a lot from the sustainability in the food sector. I now have a new point of view that will last though my whole life!
      - Posted by Daniela Nurkki, 24.09.2017

    • It was always really exciting to visit other countries and learn about their food culture. During the final meeting in Finland, I was surprised how much I, as a Finn, learned about our own culture! When the foreign students questioned our ways of eating, it also forced me to think "outside the box". In the Helsinki Ralley, we visited different famous sights, for example the Senate Square, Old Market Hall, Market square and the Uspenski Cathedral (which I hadn´t visited before, so it was also my first time) and thanks to the amazing weather it was one of my favorite activities besides the day in Nuuksio and the learning cafe.
      All in all the final meeting really completed the project well. I was especially impressed how the learning cafe turned out. It was a unique chance to meet professional from different branches and discuss with them about the future of food. It was an experience that I will remember for a long time!
      - Posted by Netta Jekkonen, 06.09.2017

    • And finally, it was time for us Finns to play a host to an Erasmus+ meeting. The preparations took a lot of time and effort, as I am sure many of you already know, but all the hard work did pay off in the end. Most of my work was put into the learning café, which honestly ended up being one of my favourite activities of the entire project, even if I do say it myself. It was interesting to get to have conversations with the experts as equals, and not just having the experts there teaching us. But, in all fairness, the best part of the whole project and our final meeting, was getting the chance to meet all of you. I had such an amazing time on the Helsinki Rally: sightseeing, recording your (surprisingly good) Finnish pronunciation of the local food items, and eating out together. You just cannot have too much knowledge of foreign cultures nor too many international contacts. Maybe one day our paths will cross again, either related to studies, work or just pure coincidence. But, until then, I want to wish you all a wonderful beginning of a new school year!

      - Posted by Evi Parkkulainen, 04.09.2017

    • First day in Etelä-Tapiolan lukio
      On the first day we met with the other teams: Italy, Germany and Turkey. We gathered in the auditorium and our school’s headmaster Harri Rinta-aho gave a speech. After the nice welcoming speech we were separated into multinational groups and it was time to Finnish students to show around the school.
      For rest of the day we had a task also in multinational groups. The task’s main purpose was to write down on the big white paper what have we learned and what we still want to learn about this Erasmus+ project. After completing the task all groups gathered together and we had discussion of each group’s thoughts.
      All in all, we had a nice first day and a good start for the upcoming week that we spent together for the last time on this project.

      Written by Elina Maculuba
      - Posted by Mari Grassel, 28.08.2017

    • Our last week of the project took place in our school in Finland. It was fun to play host finally after all the travelling in Germany and Italy. Our week started with a dinner together, which I unfortunately couldn't attend to. On Friday we got to now each other and our school a little better and in the evening we had a dinner at school, dinner that our students prepared ("meat" pies and stuff). The next activity I participated was on Sunday when we went to Finnish National park, Nuuksio for a quick 5 km hike. We Finnish girls went ahead to light the campfire and carve some sausage sticks from branches before the arrival of the other teams. The day surely was a success even though our feet might've felt a little sore after the walk. On the next day arrived the moment, I think everyone had been waiting for the past two years: the opening of our supermarket! All four nationalities were noticeably on display on the third floor of our school building. The products we've been planning and making were now set up for every student to come and taste. After the supermarket was wrapped up we moved on to a next activity that one of our beloved teachers had been planning out behind closed doors. He had invited some experts of sustainable food to participate in the activity with us and talk about their passion to the topic. My job as a host in one of the tables was to keep conversation going and actually get some good ideas out of everyone. Even up to this day I am still not completely aware what was the hole point of Learning Cafe but I know that some of my class mates found it very enlightening. Tuesday was our last day together and we spend it in Aalto University in Otaniemi. We were introduced to the food of the future, crickets. I wasn't able to read everyone's reactions when they entered the cricket cube for the first time, but I personally was excited for the opportunity. To sum up this project there has been ups and downs but I would be lying by saying that I haven't got anything out of this. I've met new people from all over Europe and I've grown closer to my own fellows in school. There are also not that many opportunities to use those English skills that I've been practicing for good ten years by now here in Finland, so that is always a plus. All in all, thank you for this project, wouldn't do it immediately again, though.;)
      - Posted by Ella Ranta, 16.08.2017