S.C.H.O.O.L.+ (Sustainable, Creative, High tech, Openminded, Outside the box Learning)


We have all agreed on the idea that our school has to be an organisation where the uniqueness of the person and the potential for self direction is the centre of the focus. Furthermore, our understanding is that learning is not the product of teaching, but of the activity of learners. Our main focus is to implement all these life changing beliefs in the educational process, spaces, curriculum and methodology. But why not push the limits further? Let us allow the students to become the designers of their own future as they are the ones who will be living it. Our first task as teachers is to aid and facilitate the process, to let them feel they are able to assert themselves, to push their interests, to express their opinions, to take the risks and the challenge. The members of the three schools will actively be engaged in the process through several activities via eTwinning platform.

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