The Future belongs to the Old


The project is student-centered, both in terms of aims and involvement in most activities at all stages – preparation, evaluation and dissemination of its results. It is a response to the need for comprehensive formation of young people - developing them as aware, responsible and committed members of local societies, nations and united Europe, instilling in them the belief that they can change the world. It is an attempt to make students aware of demographic issues, such as fertility rates below replacement level, ageing of societies, depopulation of regions and countries observed in entire Europe, as well as their impact on societies, particularly young people, and the efforts of local and national authorities and other institutions to deal with it. It addresses the problem of disregard of social studies by many students and their belief in their uselessness, which leads to lack of knowledge on demographic issues concerning their own region or country observed in schools and confirmed in surveys carried out among students

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