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Nowadays globalization forces us to develop skills that allow us to face the complexity of a multicultural world and lead us to a lasting understanding between peoples. It is in education that we should invest to learn to integrate diversity, respecting the framework and mutual understanding. In this project we are going to create a story about th...

Project Journal

  • - Posted by Manuela Baptista, 06.07.2016

  • - Posted by Manuela Baptista, 04.07.2016

  • That's our work for our project ! Here you go !

    Cloud 4 (1).png

    - Posted by İlker Karadağ, 02.07.2016

  • We published our project on the our school's offical web site !


    - Posted by İlker Karadağ, 01.07.2016

  • I was creating a QR code for one of my projects and decided to make one for ours as well. Here you go!


    - Posted by Maria Silva, 10.06.2016