Our House - Features

  • Features

    Smart house

    smart controls with phone

    Zero waste home

    makes recycle

    Camera system everywhere
    Screens on the wall

    We can have floor-to-ceiling screens instead of wall paint or wallpaper so that we can make zoom call.

    Solar panels on the roof
    Green roof to promote wildlife activity
    Camera inside refrigerator

    shows you inside

    Pyrometer at the door

    A thermometer designed to measure high temperatures calls an ambulance.

    Balcony or veranda should be.
    Security alarms linked to the home
    Door entry systems with video displays
    Breakfast area in the garden
    Zoned heating
    Good daylight
    Armchairs make massage.
    TV gives answers to your questions
    Doors open by themselves using a light sensor
    lights on when clapping once

    lights off when clapping twice

    safe house

    security alarms throughout the house to protect us from thieves

    robots for household chores
    octopus-like device

    each leg does a different task such as cooking, cleaning, mopping, sweeping

    Smart telephone 📞

    it answers the phone itself when the house residents are absent

    An audio device in the kids room works with a light sensor

    plays lullabies at night. It is also an alarm clock that rings off in the morning.

    motion sensors in the bathroom

    for the toilet to flush and clean

    a desk lamp that turns on on its own
    A talking toothbrush with "eyes"

    for an everyday dental check-up

    Automatic plant watering system
    self-cleaning yard/garden
    the teapot serves tea by itself
    home security camera system &big monitor

    with access to all rooms

    smart furniture that responds to orders
    swimming pool & jacuzzi designed for hydrotherapy massage
    a mirror

    that shows fitness activities

    Washing machine - bathroom/laundry room

    washing machine delivers ironed & folded clothes. It places them in the drawers, too.

    automatic digital camera in the garden
    a smart cooker in the kitchen
  • We collected the ideas written on the twinboard and created a game for our students.
    The children use the Learningapps below, Our Tech House to decide which features with reference to technology and comfort matter to them most when they are thinking of their dream house. 


    During online classes, the children post their ideas in the chat.