Frames for Films


The activities in this project aim at enhancing pupils’ English writing, speaking and presentation skills. Pupils are expected to engage in activities that promote collaborative learning. Pupils will learn about:
 1. Cinema and Films (European and national): sts will be encouraged to watch films from a variety of sources and types 2. Jobs and activities related to cinema, parts of the film , soundtrack, 2. Sts will enhance Visual and Media Literacy: Pupils should understand how the film and moving image they consume make meaning 3. Differences and similarities Films and Books (scenes / excerpts) 4. Censorship: What is it? Is there still any form of banning? 5. Get inspired to create one They’ll develop self-directed learning, social, civic and cultural competences, vocabulary, language skills and raise awareness of a number of different topics: Science, (Jurassic Park) History, (The Queen, The King’s Speech), Art, Geography, Biographies, Law , Fiction...

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