Erasmus+ SHE’S the change


This project is part of the Erasmus Ka2 project “SHE’S the change”, a strategic partnership whose main aim is the exchange of good school practices and the creation of a European Network of Sustainable Educational Centres. Understanding sustainability not only as the transformation of ecological or environmental aspects, but also related with the social well-being, including factors such as Solidarity, Healthy Eating Habits, Equality and Sustainability. The initials of the title (SHE’S) represent these topics but it also refers to Mother Earth, Nature, Society, Population, Education, Freedom, the woman as the fundamental part of the process of transformation of society, Hope,… In addition to the objectives described, this project intends to contribute to some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Equality (5. Gender Equality); Sustainability (13. Climate Action); Solidarity (2. Zero Hunger) and Health (3. Good Health and Well-Being)

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