Forest for life


We desire that our students are more aware of the damage that fires can cause in ecosystems.Human activity has altered almost 75% of Earth’s surface,around 1 million plants and animals are threatened with extinction, deforestation and desertification have affected the lives of millions of people.Forests can play an important role in the fight against climate change; they are vital for sustaining life on Earth.In our countries, during the summer there were some fires that destroyed woods, forests and places near inhabited centres.The goal of this project is to teach respect for the environment and to understand how to avoid possible risks of fire,but also what happens after a fire: modified habitats, problems related to the world of tourism and economy.We desire that our students take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact. The playful and digital approach will certainly increase their motivation to learn.In this crosscurricular project different subjects will be involved

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