Project description

  • People who are now in the middle of their lives have experienced a rapid development of new technologies and political contexts. Our students who are at the beginning of their professional activity will not be able to adapt to the rapid change in technology and the world of work in an unknown future without openness in many different areas. Well-trained skills, high-quality training and awareness of these skills are intended to help students prepare for their later lives, especially their professional lives in a united Europe as responsible, critical, creative, ultilingual citizens.

    Knowing about these skills and the understanding to constantly improve them helps avoid early school leaving. Questionnaires, project work, workshops, courses and shared experiences should help strengthen European cohesion in the Meetings on place. The schools mentioned here in the project proposal have different specialties and will pass on their specialist knowledge to the partners in workshops with modern teaching methods and the help of digital media. Meeting experts in and from companies will help students learn about the needed skills for different kind of work-spaces in their own country as well as in different countries. Visiting the different countries is a good way to learn new skills and complements expert knowledge given at schools. Being a guest in a foreign family and school is also a good way to learn about tolerance. It is important to include all students in the learning, teaching and training activities related to the project, regardless of their religion, gender, social background, academic performance, economic or social background. Participating teachers and students will pass on their newly acquired knowledge in their schools through workshops and presentations. In the end not only there will be a collection of tasks and project ideas on the project website but also a collection in the form of a file that can be used in future project works in your own schools as well as in other schools and institutions. A collection of job profiles will give students
    knowledge about many different professions. 

    We would like to share our experiences with as many people as possible in many different ways as possible.