Sustainable me, sustainable we


The project "sustainable me - sustainable we" is based on the basic idea that if everyone first questions the own behaviour, a change in the behaviour and values of the community can be achieved on a global and European level. Another key point is to realize that we in Europe all have the same problems and challenges and that these can only be solved through cooperation. In order to achieve a specific, measurable and comparable basis for the project, we have decided to concentrate on UN-Goal Nr. 12, namely “Sustainable consumption and production”. During the project we have planned four mobilities, three of them are teaching & learning activities with our students and one shall be a teachers’ workshop on how to implement the topic of sustainability in teaching and school life. All activities shall contribute to the realization of our final products: the learning-street, (an informative parkour with QR-codes and posters distributed in the school building) and the school garden.

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